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Olive Tree Fertility Consultancy

After 11 years in clinical practice under the successful business Olive Tree Acupuncture, Prudence, a Doctor of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture and leading Fertility expert, has transitioned from clinical practice to a consulting and coaching model.

After seeing years of clients, many with few answers, Prudence has been presented with people that have:

  • been diagnosed with unexplained infertility;
  • confusion of knowing where to start and what to do next;
  • no idea of what doctors and natural therapists to see;
  • not been explained what blood tests to do or what their results mean;
  • no supportive care team in place to aid them through their journey.

Olive Tree Fertility Consultancy was born to provide clarity, purpose, direction and support in such a crucial time. Prudence brings mentorship, knowledge, understanding and compassion to each individual or couple, with a decade experience as a leading practitioner and a mother.

Prudence Tsewang