“Thank you Prudence, thank you for your thorough investigations and extra testing, after been given an unexplained infertility diagnosis as well as many failed IVF cycles, we found out the reason for our infertility and failed cycles. Thank you for being on this path with us, we couldn’t have done it without you and we wouldn’t be celebrating our 20 week perfect pregnancy scan!”

– Vanessa –

“Prue has been the mentor and guide that we have needed through our IVF journey! Prue has answered our questions, spoken with our doctor and worked closely with our naturopath, all creating the perfect program for us! Her kindness, patience and warmth has been so important to us.”

– Georgina –

“We love this support program like no other! We are on a new path, a new doctor and are feeling so optimistic for the future! We feel supported and educated. Thank you for a wonderful, supportive program when everything out there can be so confusing!”

– Katie –