This program aims to directly involve you in the entire IVF cycle, from our 3-4 month pre-conception preparation program, through to the commencement of a cycle, including explanations on medications and procedures. We offer a safe place for you to voice your questions or queries, both during your treatment time and at any time during the cycle.

The program also enables you to keep us updated at all stages of your cycle, including blood tests and ultrasound results, medication changes and any relevant information.

In addition to the physical benefits of acupuncture within the IVF cycle, we aim to nurture the emotional aspects, which are equally as important during the IVF process. Olive Tree Acupuncture therefore provides a safe, reassuring and supportive environment for those in East Balmain and Vaucluse.

Acupuncture can be experienced:
During the stimulation/medication phase

After egg collection

Before embryo transfer

After embryo transfer

Weekly after transfer

Our IVF acupuncture services also impart emotional balance, wellbeing, and self-confidence for our clients. Women often report feelings of optimism about their cycle, feel less anxiety post-transfer, and enjoy an increased sense of control over their part in the IVF process.

For those who would like to ask any questions about our IVF acupuncture program, feel free to give us a call on 0414 856 969.